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How Connico’s “Value of Service” Core Value Helps Ensure Successful Outcomes on Our Projects

As a project manager with over 35 years of construction experience across many industries, I know how important it is to have the right partner on a project. Connico’s purpose is to successfully deliver clients’ visions for projects by providing value to our clients while striving for excellence. While there are many values at the heart of our culture, I particularly appreciate our commitment to “Value of Services.”

I apply my experience and knowledge so that our services create successful outcomes for our projects. As the lead scheduler for Connico, I emphasize to our team that we should always have the best interest of our projects and clients in mind as we provide scheduling services. This means we not only know how to manipulate the scheduling software programs, but we also thoughtfully apply our construction experience to determine the sequence and duration of construction for each project.

Engaging Connico early in the design process can help clients avoid potential interferences

For many of our clients, we are included as part of the project team very early in the design process. For example, we participated in establishing the project phasing during the design process for the Runway Project 3L-21R Project at Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW). This included reviewing the design to understand the construction elements in each of the operational areas and establishing the sequence of construction to minimize impact to airport operations. Based on our experience, we identified potential construction interferences between the different disciplines, especially with underground utilities. These potential challenges were then communicated to the engineer’s construction oversight team, which helped them plan for contingencies.

The detailed schedules that were prepared for the Runway Project 3L-21R Project at DTW also helped establish the liquidated damages assigned to the project milestones. Connico’s understanding of the construction process and construction contracts is important to understanding the impact of the determination and applying liquidated damages for a milestone.

Runway 3L‐21R Project at Detroit Metropolitan Airport


Using schedules and estimates together helps ensure goals are accomplished

Another project we supported during the design process was the Terminal Modernization Project at Memphis International Airport (MEM). Early on, a detailed construction schedule and estimate were prepared that included retrofitting Terminal B while maintaining passenger flow to parts of the terminal not under construction. Our team prepared the estimate and schedule together. Once the construction schedule was finalized and implemented, it had an impact on the estimate. By using our schedule and estimate together, the client understood that they couldn’t accomplish their goals within the expected timeframe for completion and the existing budget. Ultimately, the client minimized the scope of renovations.

About halfway through the design process for the minimized scope, we also prepared a detailed probable construction schedule. Using this schedule, our team was able to identify interferences with the demolition of existing utilities and the installation of new utilities. The designer used this information to redesign the installation of the utilities by phase, including identifying the construction of required temporary utilities.

Connico’s construction experience and years of scheduling and implementation means we bring decades of experience and expertise to every project. In addition to the value of our experience, providing scheduling services in conjunction with providing estimating services on a project enhances the quality and accuracy of our estimates and schedules.

Lisa A. Heckendorn-Blake, PMP, is a Senior Project Specialist at Connico. She has 38 years of experience in planning, scheduling, budget development, cost/change management, construction management, and team coordination. She excels in performing under complicated and tight schedules requiring completion by a fixed deadline.