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Since 1990, our team has been devoted to successfully delivering your vision for projects.

Picture of Connie S. Gowder, CCP
Connie S. Gowder, CCP,President/CEO
Picture of David J. Hunley, PE
David J. Hunley, PE,Associate Principal/VP
Picture of Charl J. Neser, MRICS, CCP
Charl J. Neser, MRICS, CCP,Director
Picture of Ian J. de Keyzer, FRICS
Ian J. de Keyzer, FRICS,Chief Cost Specialist
Picture of Srikanth (Sri) J. Kumar, PE
Srikanth (Sri) J. Kumar, PE,Senior Project Specialist
Picture of Jeff R. Bowman
Jeff R. Bowman,Senior Cost Specialist
Picture of Lisa A. Heckendorn-Blake, PMP
Lisa A. Heckendorn-Blake, PMP,Senior Project Specialist
Picture of Charles J. Cleary, CPE
Charles J. Cleary, CPE,Senior Cost Specialist
Picture of Bryan A. Hafertepe, EIT, LEED® GA
Bryan A. Hafertepe, EIT, LEED® GA,Analyst III
Picture of Jeffrey S. Jones, PE, CCP, LEED® AP
Jeffrey S. Jones, PE, CCP, LEED® AP,Senior Cost Specialist
Picture of J. Caleb Claxton, EIT
J. Caleb Claxton, EIT,Analyst I
Picture of Tere M. Ayers, RICS
Tere M. Ayers, RICS,Analyst III
Picture of Michael G. Feeney, EIT
Michael G. Feeney, EIT,Analyst I
Picture of Zach I. Greenwood, EIT
Zach I. Greenwood, EIT,Analyst I
Picture of Christy S. Shadowens, MBA
Christy S. Shadowens, MBA,Administrative Specialist
Picture of Janet R. Terry
Janet R. Terry,Senior Marketing Specialist
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