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Connico’s Team Tapestry: Meet Senior Project Specialist Mihail Risteski

At Connico, we have a diverse team of leaders with specialized expertise in various facets of our business. Through our team tapestry, every member brings a unique thread that weaves together to create a textured, bold, and dynamic masterpiece. Because our experienced, unique team is one of the main reasons clients continue to work with us, we’re putting our tapestry on display and giving you the opportunity to learn more about the Connico team!

Our latest spotlight is on Mihail Risteski, senior project specialist. He joined the Connico team in 2022 with a wide range of experience in the construction industry, especially in scheduling and cost/change management. In his role, he focuses on project planning, coordination, and scheduling.

Mihail has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. Continue reading to learn more about Mihail, including his favorite projects, best career lessons, most memorable Connico moments, and how he sees diversity prioritized at Connico.

Tell us about your background and your role at Connico.
My journey in the construction industry began in the New Jersey and New York areas, where I gained experience working with general contractors on a diverse range of projects. This included everything from the construction of new facilities for the Air National Guard to the demolition and abatement of hospitals. I later joined a large construction management company in Charleston, South Carolina. This allowed me to assist with two different school projects, building them from the ground up, and contributing to the construction of the International African American Museum.

In my role as a senior project specialist at Connico, my focus is primarily on project planning, coordination, and timing of tasks and activities. By creating a logical network of activities, I’m able to ensure smooth operations that lead to successful completions for our various projects. My experience ranges from commercial construction to aviation construction scheduling, providing me with a comprehensive understanding of the field. My unique expertise allows me to also serve as a schedule reviewer for several projects currently under construction.

What do you find most rewarding about your job?
The most fulfilling aspect of my job is the recognition that our small contributions are significant in ensuring the success of a project. It is truly rewarding to understand that our hard work and dedication play a crucial role in the bigger picture.

What has been one of your favorite projects to work on at Connico and why?
Choosing a favorite project would be a tough call for me; however, spending the past two years working with the Indianapolis Airport team has been extremely rewarding. Witnessing the construction of a project that will affect thousands of people is an indescribable experience. There is a unique joy in seeing concepts and drawings come to life on the field.

I must also highlight the exceptional experience I’ve had with the program at Charlotte Airport. Connico is part of the team planning and designing a new runway at the airport, and the meticulous coordination required for every aspect of this program has pushed all of us to be more innovative and collaborative. It’s a challenge we’re all rising to meet.

What’s your best advice for young professionals entering the industry?
My top piece of advice for young professionals stepping into the industry would be to stay curious and keep exploring. The construction industry is vast, offering a wide array of roles. Some might require you to work behind a desk, while others might necessitate full personal protective equipment and hands-on involvement. Discover what environment aligns best with your interests, and always have an open mind. Every experience you gain will enhance your skills and inch you closer to finding what makes you the happiest in your career.

How does Connico prioritize diversity and diverse perspectives?
Connico is a testament to the power of diversity. Our team is a rich tapestry of backgrounds and ages, with individuals hailing from eight different nationalities across four continents. We have team members at different stages of their careers, some on the cusp of retirement and others eager to learn and grow after recently completing their education.

This diversity enables us to approach every challenge with a variety of perspectives. Some problems are solved with cutting-edge technologies proposed by our interns, while others are addressed through the lens of historical data and past experience. This blend of fresh ideas and seasoned wisdom is what makes Connico a dynamic and innovative workplace.

What has been your favorite moment at Connico so far?
My favorite moments at Connico are undoubtedly our holiday dinners at the end of the year. Given our multiple office locations and the presence of remote workers, face-to-face interactions with team members can be challenging. However, our holiday dinners bring us all together. It’s a time when we can gather as a team, share a meal, and enjoy each other’s company. These moments truly capture the essence of camaraderie and unity at Connico.

How does Connico support your personal growth and development?
Connico places a strong emphasis on the personal growth and development of its employees. One way this is shown is through the personal development assignments at the start of each year. We’re each given a template encouraging us to set our own goals for the year ahead, and we then establish clear, concise actions with self-imposed deadlines to achieve these goals. Our mentors play a crucial role in this process, providing follow-ups and supporting us throughout the year to keep us on track while offering any additional support we might need to reach our annual goals.

What’s a fun fact about you that many people may not know?
Though my passion for food and travel is already pretty apparent, what you may not know is the story behind my hair! I am originally from Macedonia, where my curly hair was considered quite uncommon. For the majority of my life, I kept my hair very short. However, that changed with the birth of my son. Since then, I’ve been known as the guy with the “puff” on his head. It’s a distinctive feature that sets me apart!

What’s your favorite travel destination?

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