Connico’s catalyst for personal and professional growth: Our 2023 Annual Meeting

How does your team recognize success? At the end of 2023, our Connico Crew celebrated another year of rewarding and impactful work by traveling to Cincinnati, Ohio, for our Annual Meeting. During this time each year, we build team camaraderie, reflect on our team’s wins, and build on our goals for the new year through face-to-face interactions and activities. The meeting often creates unforgettable memories that the Connico Crew considers some of their all-time favorite moments. This year was no different; in fact, this may have been our best Annual Meeting yet!

Throughout the two-day excursion, we participated in many informative sessions, with a highlight being a presentation from the founder of GenWHY Communications, Kristin Scroggin, who shared actionable strategies for attracting, developing, and retaining rockstar talent! Her high energy, humor, and sharp insights about why we are the way we are and what that has to do with the workplace made for an incredibly engaging session. Our team ended up developing a total of 29 specific action items to undertake as a way to incorporate her insights into our work. We stepped outside of the meeting for a fantastic group dinner at Via Vite, where we shared great conversations over a few plates of delicious pasta dishes, salads, and other goodies!

The success and excitement behind this year’s festivities could not have happened without the numerous new faces around the office. In 2023, Connico welcomed and onboarded a record-breaking number of gifted team members, plus part-time and intern additions, and this was the first opportunity for many of them to meet the team and each other in person.

With so many first-time attendees at this year’s meeting, we wanted to hear from them about their takeaways and experience participating in a classic Connico tradition. Keep reading for a glimpse into Connico’s 2023 Annual Meeting through their eyes.

Dhaval Gohil, Analyst II
Attending the Annual Meeting for the first time at Connico was a deeply enriching experience that provided invaluable insights into the company's culture and values. The event stood out for its meticulous focus on communicating and reinforcing the company's core values, vision, and mission. The leadership team passionately articulated the values that underpin every facet of the organization. Unlike other business gatherings, this meeting felt uniquely introspective, encouraging the team members to connect with the company's identity on a personal level. Learning about the alignment between the company's vision and its day-to-day operations instilled a sense of pride and commitment across the team.

One of my key takeaways from the Annual Meeting was learning how Connico can foster generational diversity for overall growth. The discussions emphasized the importance of harnessing the inherent strengths in a multi-generational workforce, positioning it not just as a challenge but as a strategic advantage for small businesses navigating a dynamic landscape. The experience left me with a profound appreciation for the company's holistic approach to growth and inclusivity, setting it apart as a beacon in the corporate world.

Fabian Guevara, Analyst I
Participating in the three-day Annual Meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio, was such an impactful experience for me, especially as a remote employee based in Texas. This event held significant importance as it provided the opportunity for me to gather face-to-face with my entire team, creating an even stronger sense of unity and connection. Beyond the excitement of meeting all of my colleagues in person, what truly made this event remarkable was the invaluable insights gained.

The sessions emphasizing our company's core values and their practical application in our daily work were eye-opening. Engaging in discussions and reflections on these values not only strengthened my understanding of our company's culture but also inspired me to integrate these principles more consciously into my work routine. Additionally, the session led by Kristin Scroggin on generational diversity in the workplace significantly broadened my perspective on team dynamics, empowering me to approach interactions more effectively. Overall, this Annual Meeting wasn't just a corporate gathering; it was a catalyst for personal growth, fostering deeper connections and reinforcing my commitment to our shared goals and values.

Winsome Jackson, Project Specialist
The Annual Meeting was extremely informative and provided transparency into the company’s mindset, vision and individual team members’ perceptions. It was an invaluable experience for me especially because I’ve been with Connico for less than 90 days, and they provided a safe space where a new team member can share their honest insight, opinions, observations, and suggestions while requesting accountability, something not many businesses in the industry make a priority. Not once was I told, “Hey! I know you’re new, so you can just sit back and observe if you don’t have much to say.” Everyone from the leadership team to fellow team members welcomed the voices of both seasoned and new employees.

One of my key takeaways, similar to others, was that it’s okay to recognize and speak on the generational gap that exists in the workplace. The advantage of this difference in mindsets and experiences is that we can openly challenge the “norm” and work as individuals to bridge the gap within our internal teams to stay true to the core values for Connico and ourselves.

Usman Akram, Project Specialist
I recently had the pleasure of participating in my first Annual Meeting at Connico after joining the team earlier in the year. Connico’s vision to become “the best place to work” might seem to be a very striking goal, but it requires its fair share of effort and commitment toward realizing this vision. The Annual Meeting is a crucial puzzle piece in making this vision a reality.

In the post-pandemic corporate world, consisting of remote and hybrid work models, it is imperative for high-performing teams to develop rapport and professional connections among team members. The Annual Meeting afforded me a precious opportunity to meet the Connico family in person and understand everyone on a more personal level. Our president, Sri Kumar, shared detailed insights on the company’s vision and core values. He shared how Connico performed this year in terms of achieving targets set during last year’s Annual Meeting and what the new goals were for the upcoming year. These details were not only very informative but were beneficial for me in understanding how I can best use my abilities to help achieve Connico’s goals for 2024 and beyond.

The Annual Meeting is a magnificent demonstration of Connico’s core values, and it’s what makes Connico stand out, serving as yet another milestone toward becoming the best place to work.