A beautiful day in the neighborhood: Connico’s recap of the Kentuckians for Better Transportation Annual Conference

The Connico team is always on the move! As a company that prioritizes innovation in every facet of our work, we believe that attending conferences in different areas of the country to learn about their specific engineering, architectural, or aviation processes and needs is a must. Our entire team is encouraged to attend industry conferences when possible, and they are supported every step of the way. These important events provide great value to our team, and it’s always interesting to hear the top takeaways once everyone returns to work.

Recently, a few of our team members attended the Kentuckians for Better Transportation Annual Conference in Louisville, KY. Our neighbors in the Bluegrass State always host a fantastic conference, and our team enjoyed learning about the multi-modal transportation network in Kentucky and beyond! While there, they were able to meet both new and familiar faces, including special guests Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear and Boone County Judge Executive Gary Moore.

After returning from the conference, we were eager to hear about their experience. Keep reading to learn what Connico team members Caleb Claxton, Veronica Takacs and Lisa Heckendorn-Blake learned and enjoyed about the Kentuckians for Better Transportation Annual Conference!

Build relationships alongside those whose goals align with your own
The KBT Annual Conference is a great place to meet some of the brightest transportation engineers, business leaders, and government leaders in Kentucky. As an engineer, I enjoy getting away from the office and job site to connect with the government officials who also work to make Kentucky infrastructure safe, sustainable, and efficient.
- Caleb Claxton, Analyst II

Remind yourself to reflect on the importance of the big picture
I found that the KBT conference reinforced my importance as a civil engineer in the transportation sector. I could see how my work has a ripple effect, impacting not only the users of infrastructure but also the economy of the entire state. It was beneficial to see how my work in the private sector is heavily influenced by things that happen in the public sector, and that regardless of political affiliation, transportation infrastructure is something we can all agree to support.
- Veronica Takacs, Analyst I

Share your successes and explore new opportunities
The KBT Conference is a great place to keep up with what’s going on with the transportation system in Kentucky. Many of our clients only know Connico as airport consultants, but we have provided highway consultant services in Kentucky in the past, and this conference gave us an opportunity to share our history with attendees. It was also nice to connect with our clients from both highways and airports in a more personal way!
- Lisa Heckendorn-Blake, Director of Scheduling