What We Do

What We Do

Connico Inc. is a construction consulting firm specializing in cost estimating, scheduling, project management and dispute resolution; working with architects, engineers, owners, planners, contractors, attorneys, and other consultants to reach their business initiatives with realistic and timely objectives.

Our combined history and industry knowledge gives us the expertise to accurately assess our clients’ needs in a variety of market sectors, enabling Connico a full spectrum approach within a global context. Our foundation is commitment and our goal is to create long-term value and lasting relationships.

Cost Consulting

At the foundation of Connico’s services is our ability to provide advisory cost information for our clients individual business needs. Connico takes a holistic approach to cost consulting for our clients; providing a range of cost services which include cost modeling, cost estimating, cost management, alternative estimating, cost guidance, reconciliation, cost to cure or complete and value analysis.

Connico’s access to current and historic cost data coupled with our experience and knowledge assist our clients in making informed decisions at various stages of their project. Having pertinent information and analysis in advance saves our clients’ substantial time and allows for strategic planning which effectively increases the value of their asset.


At Connico we draw on our extensive history of direct experience in the design and construction arenas, creating for our clients a real time representation of their project from start to finish. Connico’s team of experts have the ability to take a project from its conceptual form, analyzing its various components, and translate it into activities which produce tangible results.

Our goal is to create a path for our clients that has the optimum impact on their project and the lowest impact on their budget. This is interpreted into a day to day analysis of each activity and enables critical factors to remain in focus. From conceptual meetings to the finished project, we can monitor the process to assure efficient and timely completion without compromising quality.

Project Management

Connico takes a hands-on approach through project management to ensure successful results of our client’s projects. Our project managers enable critical communication and strategy to provide a foundation of controls that can be adapted to the entire construction process.

The basis of our success in project management is founded on relationships. Understanding our clients vision, needs, and values we are able to build a manageable knowledge base and develop successful teams for the project duration. Our project management services also assist our clients with negotiations, contract document preparation, advertisement and bidding processes. The management team at Connico offers our clients assurance that their project is being met with the highest standards of operation in order to insure the greatest quality and best possible value.

Dispute Resolution and Claims Advisory

In the construction industry every project is unique. Despite our best intentions, things don’t always go as planned. When unexpected issues or events occur on your project, Connico has the expertise to guide you through the prevention or resolution process.

Dispute Resolution services are invaluable in today’s changing economy. Its benefits extend to all parties involved on a project. Dispute Resolution impartially addresses potential problems before they arise, facilitating open communication and agreement on problems that otherwise may turn litigious. Early identification and resolution or mitigation of potential claims are critical to the success of the project. The support offered by this service facilitates a “team” atmosphere and stimulates prompt resolution to issues encountered on the project.

Our claims advisory services can assist in situations where litigation is being considered. We can review the project history and documents to assess the merits of a claim and recommend a course of action for validity of a claim. If a claim is pursued, we can provide claims/document preparation, field analysis and research, and expert witness testimony.

Other Services

Accompanying our core consulting services, Connico offers an array of additional services which complement and support our clients varying business needs. These services are geared toward in depth review and maintenance of business operations, goals, and protocol. Drawing on our range of expertise, we are able to address critical issues for owners which empower our clients toward the refinement and strengthening of their objectives. These services include:

  • Change Order Management
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Construction Audits
  • Contract Administration and Compliance
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Programs
  • Independent Fee Reviews
  • Progress Payment Reviews
  • Quantity Surveys
  • Records Keeping
  • Resident Project Representation
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